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When it Comes to Material Masters, are you Stuck on a Data Archiving Dead End Street?

Move off the Road to Nowhere with Process Improvement Paired with Data Archiving Practices By Deanna Mollett, Partner & Director of ILM Services The question of what to do about master data–particularly material masters–has been a perennial question over the years. It seems to be an emerging hot topic lately as well, when we meet with customers to discuss their biggest SAP challenges. What makes this repeat scenario even more interesting is the fact that each of these customers have a Master Data Management–or MDM–tool functioning. In fact, a lot of attention is given to the quality of their MDM process. However, did you know that these powerful tools and diagnostics don’t necessarily improve your valued customers’ on-line shopping experience? They may not help the user community see less of the master data elements they don’t want to see in daily work. And they may not speed key processes relying on master data, such as BW/BI extracts, material pricing runs, MRP, ATP, etc.!