Data Archiving Step One for HANA at SAP TechEd 2016

TechEd 2016 in a word…HANA!

By Deanna Mollett, Partner & Director of ILM Services At the Las Vegas TechEd 2016 conference, what happened there…is happening everywhere! Whether greenfield, system conversion, or landscape transformation, HANA was the word on everyone’s lips. Digitized, mobilized, and cloud technology innovations were showcased in conference agendas and on the show floor. I was able to assess cool new tools, participate in hands-on workshops, and attend Roadmap talks. Throughout, I couldn’t drift far from the idea that the human factor is the “generational” factor in this richly integrated “next gen” technology frontier. HANA adaptation is all about transforming how companies access and apply data to expand their businesses. For Big Data to be predictive, shape market direction, influence consumer behavior, fulfill orders faster, and be compliant, it has to be clean and agile.