HANA Upgrade Best Practices

Why is Data Volume Management Vital to Your HANA Upgrade?

By Deanna Mollett, Partner & Director of ILM Services Where is your company on the HANA implementation spectrum? Are you planning your HANA upgrade, in the middle of a conversion to HANA S/4, or perhaps recently upgraded to Suite on HANA? In each of these HANA deployment stages, data volume management initiatives have distinct motivations and approaches. Let’s examine these differences and important data volume management steps to consider regardless of where your HANA implementation stands today:  Adaptation to HANA S/4 Simple Finance  Did you know that HANA S/4 Simple Finance has different data structures that also bring changes to archiving? Some archive objects are now obsolete, while new archive objects are available. Data dependencies among archive objects requires proper sequencing in the process. In addition to new data archiving definitions, data aging transfers (business complete) accounting documents from Hot In-Memory to Cold Disk. This is essential to controlling in-memory data volumes and costs. If the horizon includes HANA S/4 Simple Finance, instituting the archive strategy before conversion is a smart choice. Why? Less documents to convert enables shorter timelines for the project, from testing to the live conversion.