Who We Are

Simply ILM™, LLC is a full-service consulting firm specializing in services for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Data Volume Management (DVM), and Data Archiving (DA) in specialized ERP Systems of SAP® and Oracle®. Services are as follows:

  • Data and process assessment, road mapping, strategy development, solution design
  • Project management and execution of processes and solutions in the areas of ILM, DVM, and DA
  • Outsourcing of services to sustain processes, systems, and solutions in the areas of ILM, DVM, and DA
  • Legacy system de-commissioning: Data mapping, alternative data presentation and access
  • Coaching and impartial consulting on augmented data archiving software requirements

Our History

Over the course of several years, Vortex Consulting, LLC partnered with DPM Solutions, Inc. to help fulfill ILM/archiving service requests. As projects increased within both companies, individual company resources were maximized to the point where both companies would have to either expand individually or create a joint venture. This led to discussions with the partners of both companies on how to best fulfill the increased demand for projects. These discussions ended with the decision to investigate creating a new venture solely for the purpose of helping customers with their ILM/archiving projects. After much due diligence, partners Peter and Deanna Mollett from DPM Solutions and partners Matthew Wendroff and Scott Young of Vortex Consulting came to an agreement to form a new company named Simply ILM.

Simply ILM was formed by combining the resources of DPM Solutions and Vortex Consulting in May 2013, and operations began the following month. The four original partners make up the Simply ILM management team.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Simply ILM to provide its customers with unbiased service, providing knowledge, solutions, and exceptional performance with expert talent and proven strategies. Our vision is to be the ILM/archiving resource recognized as a “Performance Leader” in ERP Systems. Being a “Performance Leader” means we have operational excellence, industry-leading customer service, and recognized technical expertise, leading to continued shared value and financial benefits with our customers.

Our Team

Peter Mollett


Deanna Mollett

Partner & Director of ILM Services

Scott Young

Vice President of Sales

Matthew Wendroff, CPA

Partner & President