DART Vader: Save your Company from the “Dark Side” of Tax Audits with Data Retention Tool, Part 1

By Deanna Mollett, Partner & Director of ILM Services In this first of our 3-topic series on compliance in 2016, we’re kicking things off with a review of Data Retention Tool, a.k.a. DART. The Data Retention Tool remains a vital component and “gold standard” in providing tax audit data. Support note 663007 offers an insightful explanation about DART’s position and utility in supporting response to tax audit inquiries. To gain further understanding about DART’s functionality extension in other countries, support note 1463497 is a highly valuable resource. One important aspect to understand about DART and its value to your organization is that it updates periodically. Updates can be in alignment with requirements influenced by customer workgroups, such as the DSAG GDPdU Workgroup and the ASUG Tax Special Interest Group. While some updates are universal to solving performance or security problems, updates may be country-specific, such as France (FEC) enhancements. The latest upgrade to DART 2.8 delivers important customer workgroup updates and technical improvements.  To DART or not to DART is the question. In our 2-part blog post dedicated to DART, we’ll identify commonly asked questions and give you key information needed to help you answer those questions in a way that makes sense for your organization.