Successful Data Management Tips from Simply ILM

Highlights from ASUG Chicago & Wisconsin Chapter Meeting

Simply ILM team members were pleased to attend the most recent ASUG Chicago and Wisconsin Chapters meeting in Lake Forest, Illinois, on November 5. The Wholesale Distribution SIG convened during the joint meeting as well. There were 348 people in attendance, choosing from 30 sessions in 5 identified tracks:  Organizational Change Management Data Wholesale Distribution BI/Analytics SAP HANA   Simply ILM Partner and Director of ILM Services Deanna Mollett co-presented with our client Toni Walker, senior business analyst of financials at Ryerson, Inc. In their session titled, “A Decade of Data Management at Ryerson,” they discussed the key role data management plays in system performance and overall health.

Simply ILM at SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Integrating Data Volume Management and Information Lifecycle Management

Simply ILM is excited to announce our participation in this year’s SAP TechEd conference in Las Vegas. Simply ILM Partner and Director of ILM Services Deanna Mollett will be co-presenting a session titled “Integrating Data Volume Management and Information Lifecycle Management” with George Daniell, IT-ERP business solutions manager at Florida Power & Light.  

Webinar Announcement: How Avid Innovates SAP “Post-Production” with Total Volume Management

On October 1, Simply ILM’s Deanna Mollett, partner and director of ILM services, will be joining Attunity and Avid Technology to present a webinar titled “How Avid Innovates SAP ‘Post-Production’ with Total Volume Management.” During the event, we’ll explore how Avid Technology is able to avoid at least 4 refresh cycles per year, reduce the environments in their landscape, and improve key transaction runtimes by 40% on average, all while managing expired data risk.

5 Really Good Reasons (Other Than System Size) To Integrate Archiving

By Deanna Mollett, Partner & Director of ILM Services Archiving….when is the right time to start the process? Where does archiving fit in the overall IT strategy? System size is just one indicator when considering these questions. System performance can also be an indicator for archiving integration. While both system size and performance benefit from archiving, they rarely stand alone as the business case for archiving. Archiving is not like other projects from a purely cost/benefit analysis view. It does not directly contribute to generating sales. ROI and other direct benefits associated with archiving are derived from avoided managed cost of the SAP landscape. This number can be very compelling; however, when or if to earmark archiving in the IT project list needs to translate the IT motivations for archiving to a business case. Building a case to start archiving on the issues of system size or even performance are rarely compelling–after all, disk is cheap! Disk is cheap….and data is expensive. Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Integrate Archiving (Other Than System Size):